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Samsung SPH-M800 Instinct Review

Alright, so I’m going to review my phone. Although if I could choose again, I would have bought an Omnia or an EnV, but it is a very good phone.

The Good: Call quality, Battery life, Submenus, Call menus, Size, Touch screen sensitivity.Instinct

The Bad: Menu, Price of services, Music player.

Annoyances: Headset jack.

Overview: Overall, this is a great phone. I find the battery life goes for 3 days without a recharge. The call quality is very good. I can whisper and the person on the other line can hear me. The call menu and submenus are very well organized I like the little virtual sliders and switches. I also like how the phone vibrates a tiny bit when you press a button. This could be annoying to some. What i don’t like is the menu. It resembles the iPhone way too much for my taste. If I wanted a menu like that I would have bought an iphone (the call quality was what won me over). If I want satelite radio, or television, I have to pay 8$! If this is a one-shot 8$, I might pay it, but if it’s per month… I also didn’t like is the music player. All the controls (besides volume) are on-screen. If they fit a play-pause button somewhere by the volume controls, I would be totally sold. The headset jack has a little cover on it, an I always think it will break off but it doesn’t. It never breaks! I don’t know how. It is just so unimaginably annoying!

That’s about it.

Any mini-reviews or rebuttals are welcome.

(Note that my service provider is Bell. Among other differences, the Bell Instinct has blue lettering and is alot less glitchy than the Sprint version pictured).
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Twenty-Eight Days and One Reformat Later…

Okay everyone,

Indexed is back in business. You would not believe the crap I have been through with my computer. In short, I messed with the registries and had to reformat. In long, I downloaded SubinACL and ran a malicious script that stripped me of admin rights. Don’t ask me why, but I won’t do it again. I had to do an HP recovery, which set me back to RTM Vista. Now I have to go through two years of updates, plus the slew of trials and demos that shipped with my computer. SP 1, here I come!

In other news, is now directed specifically at the technology department. That’s right, NO MORE LOLCATS. I’m sorry. It was hard for me too. Let me just remind you of the rules:

-1) Keep this blog G rated. that means no dirty innuendos or swearing.

-2) Be intelligent. `Nuff said there.

That`s it.

I`ll try to post once a week starting September, when I can tell what day it is.

Mac users are now welcome.


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