Great Expectations

It’s old, but It’s good, right? I wouldn’t  know, I’ve never read it, but now I might, thanks to Google. Google is scanning up a bunch of books whose copyrights are long gone, but are not yet Public Domain. This would definitely encourage me to read them. But that’s all besides the point.

Games also become free, after a certain amount of time. Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2, as well as Wild Metal are all free in Rockstar’s archives. I would highly recommend getting these games. GTA 1 & 2 are classics, and Wild Metal, although it slipped below the mainstream radar is amazing too. Let me warn you though, there I are strings attached. Overcoming them  is actually quite simple. Fill in all the forms with bogus information (except the e-mail) and hit submit. Be sure to put the age as 18+ though. In your e-mail, you will get a download link. Simple. unless you want Rockstar selling your private information to other websites, in which case, you’re fine.



Wild Metal


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