Getting the Desktop Of Your Dreams: Custom Themes (part 3)

Now that your desktop has a new theme, Windows needs an overhaul too. Normally, Windows blocks all 3rd party themes, but with a patcher, like VistaGlazz, you can bypass this limitation. Follow the steps here to install and use VistaGlazz.

I really couldn’t have said it better myself, but I will try, as sometimes a different perspective can help. (credit for the instructions in the link goes to SweatyFish).

1)Create a restore point.

2) Disable UAC.

3) Install VistaGlazz.

4) Restart.

5) Patch by clicking only on the computer button.

6) Restart.

7) Download a custom theme.

8 ) Find the folder entitled #ThemeName#

9) Make sure the contents are: en-US, Shell and #ThemeName#.

10) Put the folder #ThemeName#, containing said files into C:/windows/resources    /themes

11) Apply the theme by right clicking>Personalize>Colour & appearance>Classic menu for more colour options.

12)Apply your theme of choice.

The best places to find themes are DeviantArt and VistaThemes.

A similar process applies for XP, but with a different Patcher.

WARNING: Do not use TuneUp Utilities to apply custom themes, it might mess up your computer.

This marks the end of my customization series. I have a bunch of other ideas that I will save for other series, as they don’t fit as well together as the other 3 did.

I will defiantly be going into more depth about Rainmeter, including a segment on skin-making. If you did all of this right, you will have geeks asking “What Linux distro is that?” and non-geeks asking “How did you do that?” Who said Windows isn’t customizable?


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