*.bat: The Universal Shortcut

If you’re like me and you carry 50 apps around on your flash drive, the drive-letter issue can get pretty annoying. In your laptop, it’s in the H:/, on your desktop it’s the I:/ and at school or works it’s the G:/. This makes your wonderful shortcut’s useless. You could always leave the programs in their designated folders, right? Your app is only ten clicks away! What if you make a shortcut for each drive letter in existence? 90% of your flash drive’s capacity will be filled up with shortcuts! So what’s the real solution? Batch files!

After monkeying around with DOS for a while, I found that a simple batch file can be used as a universal shortcut. Here’s hot to do it:LiberKey

  • Take note of the directories of the apps you’ll be using.
  • Right-click -> new -> text file. Name it whatever you please.
  • Right-click -> edit.
  • Write: “\folder\folder\folder\app.exe” with the quotations. Replace “folder” with the actual folders in your directory and app.exe with the app you want to run.
  • File -> save as -> title.bat . Replace title with the name of the app. Save it to the root of the folder.
  • Delete the old text file.
  • Repeat for every app you have.

And that’s how to make a universal pseudo-shortcut.

if you want to take this a step further, you can add multiple lines so that the batch file will launch several apps or files at once.

The best way to organize you apps in a portable app suite. There are very many on the internet, but I find the best one is LiberKey ultimate. I still had to add a few apps like GIMP Portable and OpenOffice Portable. In total it took up 800 mb, but if you’re pressed for space, you can download the basic or standard suites, which take up much less. Get it here.

Note: I can vouch for LiberKey’s false-positive virus claim. I scanned my copy with Norton 360 and found no viruses whatsoever.

EDIT: PStart is a better alternative to Liberkey.


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