Does the Perfect Notebook Stand Really Exist?

Yes. But it took a hell of a long time to find.

I recently bough myself a new desk for my home-office. The old one went into the trash, along with my make-shift notebook stand (that was bolted to it). I was thinking of salvaging it, but I realized that there are probably better alternatives, so went to Staples to look for a good one for a decent price. I wanted one that would support my laptop in such a way that I could type without an external keyboard.

Here are the three I tried out:

Fellowes Designer Suites Laptop Riser:

Price: 34.99 $

Verdict: Junk. My 17″ notebook fell off as soon as I put it on. 34 $ almost cost me another 1900 $.


Hewlett Packard Universal Notebook Stand:

Price 49.99 $

Verdict: I thought this one might work, considering my laptop was an HP. Technically, the laptop fit, but it was at too high an angle for me to type without a keyboard. The USB hub was nice though.


Allsop Cool Channel Laptop Platform:

Price: 39.66 $

Verdict: My laptop just balanced on this one. I’m sure that if someone in the room sneezed my laptop would fall. Plus, 40 $ for a glorified piece of cardboard wrapped  mesh is insane.


Finally, I went to some little shop across the street from Staples (it’s a wonder Staples didn’t buy them out). I found this:

Vantec LapCool TX Ultra:

Price: 29.87 $

Verdict: A miracle! It had a fan, turntable and supported my clunker of a notebook! And All for 30 $! This one also folds up and fits in and laptop bag. The fan is very quiet and will air-condition my entire office. The best thing about it was the fact that there was no shiny crap that my OCD brain had to keep clean 24/7. A really great buy.


So there you have it. Turns out patience and perseverance win out again. I could have settled for the HP one, but I would have had to buy a keyboard. And lots of wet-wipes.


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  1. #1 by Zack on 2009/12/05 - 00:03

    Just goes to show you that the best stuff is often found in the small stores… nice post, useful information.

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