Microsoft Explorer-Mini Mouse Review

I don’t know if you guys remember, but a while ago, I was complaining about my stupid Logitech v200 that broke down. Now I have a Microsoft Explorer Mini.

The Good: Precise pointing (BlueTrack), solid & ergonomic design, free scrolling wheel, decent battery life, lots of buttons.

The Bad: Scrolling is sometimes slow and only a reboot will fix (Microsoft Mouse bug, not hardware).

Annoyances: Scroll-wheel seems a little loose.

Overview: I got this mouse on sale at Staples. It’s original price was 59.95 $, but I got it for 29.99 $! When I brought it home, the first thing I noticed was the lighting effects. When I saw them on the box I thought they were simply Photoshopped in, but they actually come on every time the mouse wakes up from sleep mode. Then I noticed the free-scrolling. Although there is not alternating option between free-scroll and precise scroll, I found it a much welcomed change. I also liked the back-forward buttons on the right side. Now I can’t live without them. Overall, it has most of the features you’d expect from a mid to high-end mouse, such as horizontal scrolling and a stow-able adapter. At first I got wrist pains from the accuracy and speed of the pointer, but I quickly got used to it. One thing that I really loved was the fact that the laser on the bottom was offset, so you could actually move the pointer just by rotating the mouse slightly. I figure most people wouldn’t notice, but this actually makes the mouse easier to use (although it totally kills and hope for ambidexterity that might have existed before).

Overall, this is a great mouse for its price. It is great for the casual gamer, corporate-raider, or even the jet-setter. Although nothing can beat the Logitech Revolution series, you get much more bang for your buck.


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