Sennheiser PMX60 Headphones Review

I was cleaning out my attic when I found these headphones in a box with an old FM transmitter. Out of curiosity, I tried them, and I was amazed with the sound quality. I looked them up on CNET and found they had  4 stars! Pretty impressive. These things converted me from earbuds.

The Good: Great sound quality, sleek & stylish design and thick & durable cord.

The Bad: Slightly lacking in bass.

Annoyances: The way the cord is attatched to the headphones makes me nervous.

Overview: I have to say, these are great headphones. Depending on where you go, you can get these for $19.99 – $49.99, but honestly $49.99 is more of a fair price. I’d feel guilty paying such a low price for these great headphones. They are light, portable and have a nice thick, long cord. The sound quality is superb! The bass can get a little chirpy sometimes, but you wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t just told you. If you try to lay down or rest your head while wearing them, you might find it awkward, but all you need to do is turn them to the band touches the top of your head. There’s really not much more to say here, normally I’d complain more, but these are just too perfect!

Go and buy a pair!



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