SonarPM: The Coolest Way to Accomplish Nothing Since the Magic Mouse

Wow. This looked so good on Lifehacker, but in reality, it’s useless. What it’s supposed to do is use sonar to detect your presence and put the computer to sleep when you’re not there.

I have to admit, it does work, but a timer is just so much more convenient. The first problem is that it’s not terribly accurate. If you lean back in your chair, it will shut your screen off, but if you leave the room and your chair is in front of your computer it won’t do anything. The second problem is that there are virtually no options. It’s either on, or off. You can’t change anything. The third problem is that it won’t wake up when you sit down. It waits for activity and presence.On the bright side, if there’s an earthquake and your mouse moves, it won’t wake up the computer. In the end, it doesn’t accomplish anything a timer can’t.

File this under “cute toys.”


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  1. #1 by jakob on 2010/05/15 - 09:24

    This program makes my computer impossible to use. It can not detect me. So it turns the screen of all the time of i don’t move the mouse constantly. It does not helpt to shut it off. It can’t be uninstalled. What am i supposed to do? I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work on my computer. But i did not know that it would make it completely useless! DO NOT INSTALL THIS PROGRAM!

    • #2 by Steven on 2010/05/16 - 13:59

      Try Revo Uninstaller, it just might uninstall it.

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