The New Nano: A Pager* with Album Art

Here’s the latest chapter in Steve Jobs’ quest to destroy all buttons; an iPod Nano that’s the size of an old (new?) Shuffle, except it has a touch-screen. They seem, for want of a better word, cute. It’s a minimal iPod that does what it’s meant to, and no more (or at least I hope not; who would want to play games on that?). Apple seems to have a “jack of all trades, master of none” mentality, so this seems a little odd. It’s like making with an iPhone that only did calls/communications. It apparently has 24 hours of music playback (yeah, when plugged in). With the back-light and equalizer on, it’s probably more like 13 hours. I really don’t know what to think about this… I can’t dislike it (it’s too cute), but I don’t want it either. It seems like more of a niche product than a Nano, but then again, Apple fanboys would pay $149.99 to rub Steve Jobs’ feet. Just a note, it is arsenic, BFR, mercury and PVC free, which means you can now lick your iPod without getting cancer.

One thing that totally baffles me (even more than Ikea flat-pack furniture instructions) is that the new Shuffle has buttons! What is going on? I guess the population just wasn’t ready for a talking flash-drive that takes mores-code orders from a pair of earbuds. However, I fail to see why it has less battery life than the Nano! It has no screen, yet it has a (heavily padded) 15 hour playback time! That’s already a lot, but compared to 24 hours, it makes no sense! Apple is really holding back here.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say about this wave of products the world never know they wanted.

Until next time.

*Oh, and by the way, for you youngsters who don’t know what a pager is, imagine a cellphone that only receives texts.


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