God Dammit LeJOS (or Should I Say, “God Dammit Ubuntu?”)!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not going to apologize because our four viewers per day are probably spambots anyways (don’t be offended, I hold you guys very close to my heart! Please don’t stop searching the blog for email addresses!)

As you may or may not know, I am the proud owner of a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit, on which I have spent more money than is legal or healthy. As my friend (and contributor to the NXT Step ) has kindly pointed out, I have been so busy programming my little heart out that I have forgotten to blog about my experiences. So here I am, complaining blogging about one of my favorite NXT programming languages: LeJOS NXJ.

Now, one might ask, “Steven, why would you complain about LeJOS? It’s the best NXT language on the block!” Presented with that question, I might answer, “It doesn’t work on Linux.” As you probably know, that’s actually my answer to all questions of that particular format, but I digress. To be accurate, LeJOS does run on Linux, and even Ubuntu, just not on my Lucid machine. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t. I have tried everything, and it just won’t run. Truthfully, I had it running perfectly for about nine minutes before I decided to work on my Computer Science Assignment (a Java program). Preceding my spontaneous decision to install LeJOS (spawned by my NXT making a funny clicking noise), I was running the OpenJDK JDK. Blindly following the instructions on the Ubuntu Forum, I uninstalled it in favor of the Sun JDK. Don’t you love Linux, we get two JDKs, neither of which work with anything. I continued following the aforementioned instructions until the end. Everything was working, even Bluetooth. Everything was working, I had succeeded, I was a Linux god!

Until I compiled my Java code.

It seems, as it always does, that the Sun Java compiler won’t compile Java code, only Fortran. Actually, it won’t compile anything (I don’t know what’s worse). As naive as we geeks are, I decided to reinstall the OpenJDK Platform, you know, so I could pick and choose which JDK I would use for what. Bad idea. Now all my LeJOS files compile to *.class files, and my Java code still won’t compile. Considering my Computer Science code was due the next morning, I uninstalled everything, finished the assignment and didn’t dare touch LeJOS until now. I can tell you, It’s not any better than it was three weeks ago. Now it just looks like Java vomited on my hard drive.

Maybe it’ll work when I switch to Fedora, I’ll keep you four delightful spambots posted.

The worst part it that Minecraft stopped working!


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  1. #1 by joe on 2011/07/09 - 03:10

    aha XD first comment
    i would just like to say, my robot is also making a funny clicking noise after i tried to reset it, and nothing is working, i tried replacing the batteries or pressing buttons but its ineffective, i also tried re-resetting it, i was wondering if that was the same case for your funny clicking noise. do you know how to get rid of it?
    also i like how your picture is of xkcd ūüėõ

    • #2 by Steven on 2011/07/14 - 12:44

      I’ve had that problem many times before. It occurs when there is no firmware on the NXT brick.
      Unfortunately, there is no definite way to solve this problem, it requires some luck.
      What I do is pull out the batteries, put them back in, reset and then try installing the firmware.
      This only works for me about a fifth of the time.
      Also, you could try installing the firmware from a different computer or installing different firmware (an older version, or even third-party firmware).

      Let me know how it goes and don’t get too stressed trying to fix it, because no one knows how to do it consistently.

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