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Reviewing Philosophy

Yes folks, an update. We do apologize for the lack of commitment on Indexed for the past 2 months (“Whaa” it’s been that long?). We do try our best to stay committed and release new posts but time has really been rare for the crew. No, we’re not dead. We’ve just been busy(REALLY BUSY) as of late. Now, on topic: Today, this post will describe how I review games, products, etc. So I guess this is my “reviewing philosophy”. To me, to review something is to show its’ good and bad qualities. I try to not be as biased as possible. (I wouldn’t say that I’m unbiased as I don’t believe there is an unbiased person) The point of a review is to let others know about the good and bad things but not to make a decision for them. I try to let people know about the positives and negatives and let them decide to see if the product really is for him/her. Another thing I don’t enjoy doing is giving a number rating. Like I said, I try not to give my opinion too much. Rating a product based on numbers is essentially rating the product with your own opinion, because you’re grading it as you see fit. Finally, at the end of my review, I like to add a small section where I restate what is good and bad about the product I reviewed. That’s really all I have to my reviewing philosophy…for now anyways.



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