Facebook : The new gaming platform

Facebook. The murderous social network. Millions have sold their soul to the devil. What do they get in return? Identity theft, information leakage, viruses, addiction… What’s next in the arsenal of moves facebook has taken? Answer: Gaming.

Facebook holds a variety of browser-based titles for users to try out. One of the biggest game creators on facebook, Zynga, has no-doubt revolutionized facebook gaming. One of their games, Farmville, has already surpassed over 80 million users! God damnit, that’s more than World of Warcraft users. World of Warcraft has around 15 million users and is considered the “king” of online MMORPG gaming even up to today. Instead, millions of people prefer a farming game over an intense and epic virtual life adventure. Why is that? Because of many reasons actually.

First is interaction. Facebook’s gaming system bases itself on interaction between people and friends. If you were to choose between playing a game with a friend and play by yourself, which would you choose? It is natural for people to want to play a game together, which proves why these games surpass online MMORPGs such as WoW. People know each other on facebook. Which brings me to my next point.

Second is attraction. When someone plays a new game on facebook, their friends will know about their activity and will want to try out the game as well. As explained above, people want to play games with people they know. Once they start playing with their friends, more people will know about their activity and they would want to try the game out as well. This can be known as a virus or a plague. It won’t stop until everyone has been introduced to it. Some will leave because they see no point to the game. And some will love the game and continue playing.

Thirdly, because the game never ends. Like any online MMORPG, there is always something to do in the persistent world of your character. This is no different for facebook games such as Farmville. (You will ALWAYS have stuff plant and harvest) Thus, it is impossible to actually beat the game therefore this keeps players hooked until they have pleased their gaming pleasure, or it may even keep them hooked forever.

The question lies here: is facebook the new revolutionary platform for gaming? My answer is yes. Why so? BECAUSE THE GAME DEVELOPPERS MAKE SO MUCH GODDAMN MONEY. These games are actually so overpriced it sickens me. Buying a virtual house and a few virtual accessories costs how much? That’s right, probably around 100$. And people DO pay for these games. There will ALWAYS be people who will want that shiny new house in Farmville. Imagine 80 million players each paying 100$. Companies like Zynga have already made good money and people are always playing. So why stop?

So now, what do you think. Is facebook indeed the new platform for online gaming?

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