About Indexed:

This our blog about technology. We do my best to post once a week or more, but we can’t all the time. We’ll report on the most interesting tech stories, rant about our tech experiences, review things we own (or have used extensively) and sometimes go off on some wild tangents.

About Steven (freewarepreacher):

There’s not that much to say here. I’m a Montreal high-school student who’s interested in engineering, the sciences and computer science, but more particularly robotics. Although I run Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid) I know my way around a Windows machine. I also have a deep and unjustified hatred towards Apple, as well as a justified one towards Facebook. In addition, I enjoy rock-climbing, mountain-biking, politics, Lego and food.

About Si Jia (tinoftuna):

Si Jia is not actually of this planet. Unearthed by a team of archaeologists back in 1994, she was frozen in a block of ice for untold millennias behind the dumpster of a Montreal depanneur.  Since then, she has joined modern society at full force, and has quite forgotten her earlier life as a small amoeba on Mars. She enjoys sci-fi, technology, and art of all kinds. Law, politics, and commerce doesn’t even ping on her radar. I also can’t tell a Ford from a Ferrari.

About Johnson (JYall):

Hello viewers of Indexed. My name is Johnson but a lot of people call me JYall. The main reasons for which I’ve decided to join this blog include my interest in technology and love of writing. What I bring to this team is my love of playing, reviewing and analysing video games. I’m sure you’ll find that most of my posts are and will be about gaming. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. Now go read some posts! GG

  1. #1 by Jake Stewart on 2011/01/30 - 02:38

    I love all things tech and I love even more the fact that all of you are young like me. Keep up the good work guys!

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