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Steam for Linux?

Now I know Valve has denied having a Linux version of their game platform (Steam) in the works, but a lot of bloggers are skeptical, and with good reason. On Steam’s website there’s a job offer. They’re looking for a Lead Software Engineer, and amongst the responsibilities listed, I spotted:

Manage the operation of large clusters of machines running both Windows and Linux in a highly available system.


Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.

You can’t argue with that folks. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.


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A Common Robot OS…

According to, robots are finally getting their own operating system. This means that roboticists  can finally focus on programming new functions instead of having to start from scratch every time they want to build a new robot/platform. ROS (or Robot Operating System) is an open-source set of code snippets and platforms for roboticists to use to their liking.

This is great news! Now roboticists can create more advanced systems, and when the uprising begins, Sony can just come out with another RootKit to wipe them all out!

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