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Transcend Ski Goggles: They Bring Out the Cyborg in You

File this under stuff I’ll never be able to afford: ski goggles with a built-in GPS and HUD. These goggles by Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments offer a speedometer, temperature gauge, odometer, stopwatch, clock and GPS, with a promise for features such as maps, text, caller ID, camera integration, MP3 player integration and buddy tracking in future models. This is like Rainmeter for you face!

Not only can you see what’s happening while it’s happening, but also things like your top speed and best air-time during your run. You can later upload your statistics to your computer via USB, and then put them up on your blog.

Zeal Optics says:

The transcend will provide real-time access to live performance statistics and allow you to track your day on the hill or apres ski. Minimum interaction is required during use, sleek graphics and smart optics are complete non-obtrusive for front and peripheral version make it the ultimate solution for use in fast-paced environments.

Although the visual effects in the video are greatly exaggerated, this post wouldn’t be complete without it:

So if anyone want’s to buy me a pair, just comment!


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3 Bits? That’s Not Binary!

Intel and Microm have just teamed up to work on a 3 bit-per-cell flash drive! now we can store 50 % more data on a flash drive the same size. Now an 8Gb can be the same size as a 12GB. Before I get into this, I will explain how a regular flash drive works. Any flash drive (or SSD) you find has cells. A 1GB flash drive has 4294967296 cells in it. Each cell can store 2 bits of data in it, effectively making the number of cells half the number of stored bits. Each cell can be either a 1 or an 0. The computer can read this, as even numbers are binary-compatible. See the problem?

A computer would have to read a 3bpc flash drive 2 cells at a time to be able to read the contents. That makes it unstable. I’d be interested to see how the mathematicians worked it out. Why didn’t they jump to 4bpc? Why not hexadecimal (0123456789abcde)? What is the 3rd bit?

Anyone else interested?

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Twenty-Eight Days and One Reformat Later…

Okay everyone,

Indexed is back in business. You would not believe the crap I have been through with my computer. In short, I messed with the registries and had to reformat. In long, I downloaded SubinACL and ran a malicious script that stripped me of admin rights. Don’t ask me why, but I won’t do it again. I had to do an HP recovery, which set me back to RTM Vista. Now I have to go through two years of updates, plus the slew of trials and demos that shipped with my computer. SP 1, here I come!

In other news, is now directed specifically at the technology department. That’s right, NO MORE LOLCATS. I’m sorry. It was hard for me too. Let me just remind you of the rules:

-1) Keep this blog G rated. that means no dirty innuendos or swearing.

-2) Be intelligent. `Nuff said there.

That`s it.

I`ll try to post once a week starting September, when I can tell what day it is.

Mac users are now welcome.


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