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Rainmeter 1.1 Release!

I know I am, once again, a little late, but i just have to follow up on one of the biggest Rainmeter/Enigma updates in history. In case you didn’t know, Rainmeter is the single greatest piece of software in the universe. It is a fully customizable resource meter that can also monitor RSS feeds, weather and much more! It is fully customizable and skin-able. This  new update includes several new features, like RainBrowser and Rainthemes. Updates to Enigma include a Google Calendar skin and a Foobar2000/WinAmp skin.

Just thought I’d let you guys know that it updated.


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Waiting for Windows 7

Back to Windows news, where I belong.

So tomorrow marks the release date of Windows 7 and I have to say I can’t wait to see what Microsoft does to promote it. Who knows? I’m not going to jump to 7 right away. I want to wait until most programs are support Windows 7. By the time sp1 comes out, I’ll probably be ready. I also have to rack up the cash… I use a custom Vista theme that I’d like to keep, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope some one ports it.

I used the RC for a little while at the computer store, but no more than that. From what I’ve heard, it’s more than Vista should have been (although a lot of Vista’s criticism was unjustified). I found it smooth and very responsive, but I think the fact that it was installed on a $5 000 Alienware powerhouse may have contributed…

I really don’t see how Apple can rain on Microsoft’s parade here. Microsoft’s bullet-proof ad campaign got everyone psyched really early, and now everyone’s patience has been rewarded. Once I get it I will certainly review it.

Has anyone here actually installed it on their own machine? I want to hear some opinions!

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