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Pockie Ninja!

So I was bored yesterday and decided to try out a new game to sustain my boredom. I came across Pockie Ninja, a 3D anime themed browser MMORPG with elements from Naruto and Bleach, and decided to give it a try. Now I’ve seen ads for this game many times in the past months but never had the time to try it out. After 20 min of gameplay, I was hooked. This will be my first 2day impression on this game.

To be brief, the game revolves around questing and battling. The concept is extremely simple. NPCs give you a quest; you complete it and receive your rewards. They vary in content, but in the end, they’re mostly about meeting another NPC in another territory or kill a certain amount of monsters. There are quite a lot of quests in the beginning of the game and in the later stages there won’t be as many. These quests have a teleport feature which basically teleports you to the destination you need to go without having to manually do it. This simplifies gameplay a lot. There are also daily quests that change with every passing hour.

One part of the gameplay that I do not enjoy as much are the battles. You can equip your character with equips and skills but you cannot control them. Instead, you just watch an automated battle sequence between the two fighters. My feelings about this system are mixed as I do want to control my character, but sometimes killing monster do get repetitive and I’d rather just let the system do the killing. There isn’t a certain amount of skills you can unlock in this game. Instead, you have the chance to access all of the available skills. You learn a new skill randomly (I think) every time you level up. You can build your own skill set for your battles and this allows for more varieties of strategy. The battle animations are very smooth and I love them.

An interesting thing I found about this game is the fact that you don’t have a set class. This means you can change your class whenever you feel like it. Your class is determined by the your costume. Therefore, if you wear naruto’s costume, you will be naruto etc. Different classes provide different attack bonuses. Another interesting thing is the synthesizing system. Basically, it allows you to combine up to three items to create a new item. There are other systems such as the enhancement and refinement system but the synthesizing system really allows you to have fun. Many items in the NPC shops will be useless later on in the game therefore the synthesizing system allows for new combinations of items. A lot of the character classes can be made through synthesizing too.  There is also a trade system which allows the player to trade items among other players.

As stated earlier, the battle system is automated therefore there really isn’t much depth in the arena but it’s still fun to build your own skill set and try to overwhelm your opponent. One thing I love about this game is how much free stuff the game gives you. There are “Gift Coupons” in the game which substitutes for gold (currency bought with real life money). Up till lv 23, I have received around 500 of these coupons. Normally, 200 gold is 10$ in real life therefore not bad! The pricing for gold is mediocre to me. For a simple browser game, it’s not really worth my 10$ for only 200 gold but hey no complaints. If you’re looking for a simply relaxing browser based game with certain MMORPG features in it, I do suggest you try this game out. If you want to just greet me in game, my name is JYall in channel 2. gg


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